Geophysical Services

Geophysical Analysis

GEMTEC Limited offers the following geophysical services:

Mineral Exploration Services

  • Pre-Survey Design (EM, Mag, Radiometrics)
  • Survey and Post-Survey Processing
  • Advanced Geophysical Analysis
  • Data Modeling
  • Historical Data Reworking
  • Ground Gravity Surveys
  • Induced Polarization (IP)

Unexploded Ordnance

Dragline Move

Environmental Management

  • Baseline environmental studies
  • Regulatory permitting
  • Environmental impact assessment (EIA)
  • Environmental and compliance monitoring
  • Acid rock drainage (ARD) assessment
  • Other Environmental Services

Geotechnical Engineering

  • Seismic Refraction
  • Downhole Bedrock Shear and Compression Wave Velocity Measurements
  • Seismic Cone Penetration Test (SCPTu)
  • Soil Resistivity (Four-Pin Wenner Method)
  • Other Geotechnical Engineering Services