Forensic Engineering

Concrete core

GEMTEC Limited carries out studies to investiagete the cause of engineering failures or accidents (Forensic Engineering).

We have completed forensic engineering projects in the following areas:

  • Building damage as a result of adjacent pile driving, blasting, or other construction operations
  • Dam and Lagoon failures
  • Foundation settlement and frost heave damage
  • Embankment failures
  • Premature deterioration of concrete including shrinkage, thermal debonding, alkali reactivity and construction damage
  • Assessment of fire damaged concrete
  • Flood damage due to stormwater, groundwater, and ice jams

Our Expertise

Slope failure
  • Expert Testimony
  • Technical Support
  • Concrete and Asphalt Damage
  • Foundation and Water Damage
  • Geotechnical Failures
  • Design Analysis
  • Vibration and Blasting
  • Coefficient of Friction / Skid Resistance
  • Groundwater-Level Variation
  • Frost Damage
  • Groundwater and Soil Contamination